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Athens is the capital of Greece and one of the world’s oldest cities. Athens, having been inhabited since the Neolithic age, is considered Europe’s historical capital and one of the world’s emblematic cities. The city reached its zenith in the 5th century B.C. (the “Golden Age of Pericles”), when its values and civilization acquired a universal significance and glory. Political thought, theatre, the arts, philosophy, science, architecture, among other forms of intellectual thought, reached an epic acme, in a period of intellectual consummation unique in world history.

With a history of 6,000 years, it offers visitors a unique experience. Over the years, conquerors who occupied the city erected splendid monuments of great significance, thus creating a rare historical palimpsest. 

Under the brilliant light of the Attic sky, the stay at this attractive capital becomes a memorable journey to the heart and mind.

Plaka also known as the “neighborhood of the gods” is Athens oldest neighborhood. Walking on its paved narrow streets you get the feeling that you are travelling back in time. The origin of the name Plaka is unknown, although theories abound. According to popular belief, Plaka was named after a slab of stone that was found near the church of Ayios Georgios Alexandrias, in the vicinity of the theatre of Dionysos. The beautiful neoclassical style colour of the houses, the architecture, the well-kept gardens and the beauty and atmosphere are enchanting. In Plaka the air you breathe is different; it is lighter, cleaner and fragrant, like a gift of the gods. In Adrianou street, the central street of the neighborhood, and in other streets of the area you will find shops selling traditional products, souvenirs, Greek folk art and other unique pieces.

A residential area, enclosed by the Dionyssiou Aeropagitou str to the foothills of Philopappou Hill. The neoclassical houses and the newer buildings are charming. Makriyianni is one of the most elegant neighborhoods of the city.

Situated at an exclusive location, the area was not developed before the 1880’s. in Kolonaki you will find parks and attractive buildings, built predominantly in the neoclassical and modernist architectural style, lending the area a distinguished character. It is considered the “aristocratic” neighborhood of Athens. You will find the most expensive commercial shops, popular cafes, modern bars and luxury restaurants.

Lycabettus Hill
It is literally a forest in the heart of the city and among the Athenians’ favorite places for hiking or relaxing in the local cafes and restaurants. According to mythology, goddess Athena wanted her temple in Acropolis to be closer to heaven. One stormy night she went to Mount Penteli and took a large rock eith the purpose of placing it on the existing rock. As she transported the rock, two black birds approached her, bringing her bad news regarding something she had to take care immediately. In her rage and hast, the rock fell in the center of Athens. The rock which is 278 meters high is located in the center of Athens.

Pedion tou Areos
The largest park in Athens (230,000 square meters) was laid out in 1934. Named after the roman campus martius, the park used to be a training ground for military units. It was later changed and became thoroughly reshaped as one of the most popular places in Athens for relaxing and having fun all year round, there is also a maze shaped like the Minoan labyrinth with a botanical garden, a rose garden through which an artificial stream flows, surrounded by plane trees, cafes, open air theatres and places reserved for various events.

The Acropolis Museum
The greatest and finest sanctuary of ancient Athens; a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Athens’ landmark and the city’s most photographed site! Capture its grandeur late in the evening when the illuminated monument proudly overlooks the city against the dark Athenian sky.


Vitabroad's Secret PlaceVitabroad's Secret Place

A colourful neoclassical Athens neighborhood, encompassed by Athinas str, Ermou str and Evripidou str. It is a busy neighborhood especially in the night, you will find on its narrow alleys a multitude of cafes, small bars, clubs, ouzo-restaurants, tavernas, with live Greek music, theaters, galleries and antique shops.