Discover Rhodes

It is also called as the island of the Knights due the predominant influence of the Knights Period. It is the largest island of Dodecanese. Located at the meeting point of three continents, Rhodes flourished during the ancients’ times, whereas the different people settled on the island left their mark in all aspects of island’s culture: art, language and architecture.

With a rich historical and cultural heritage, Rhodes attracts people from all over the world seeking for relaxed and also “educational” vacations. In 1988 the Medieval Cityof Rhodes was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Although Rhodes is an island offering beautiful beaches and the unbeatable Greek sun, tourists show interest in many other places on the island:

Valley of butterflies

During August thousands of butterflies of the genus Panaxia (species Quadripunctaria Poda) deluge the valley in order to reproduce. This spectacular destination is located almost 5km south east of the village Theologos.

Monastery of Tsampika

The legend says that every woman having problems getting pregnant should walk to the monastery barefoot, pray to the Virgin and she will be blessed with children. Located on a top of a hill, one can follow the main road up to a point and then walk up to the hill by following 350 stairs. The view is absolutely breathtaking with Kolymbia and Tsambika beach and Lindos to satisfy your senses.

Lindos and its Acropolis

Lindos is one of the most majestic archaeological sites of Rhodes. Combined by both natural and modern aspects, Lindos is full of archaeological monuments, not only at the acropolis, but also within and outside the town.

Monolithos and its castle

Monolithos means lonely rock; the name derived from the isolated rock standing among the pines of the village. There is a beautiful ten-minute walk that leads you to the summit, where you will have the opportunity to smell the clean air and hear the absolute silence and peace. Within the castle walls stands the church of Agios Panteleimon and below it there is a stone building, housing a small café.


Ialysos is one of the three ancient cities of Rhodes with history dating back to 3rd millennium B.C. and findings dating from the Mycaenean-Minoan period. In addition, Filerimos hill was used as a strategic point and as a place of worship. During the period of Italian rule a “Golgotha” – a series of shrines with relief scenes of the Passion – and a 30m stone cross were constructed. After the destruction of the latter during the WWII, a 16m cross was rebuilt in 1996 on the top of the plateau.


Vitabroad's Secret PlaceVitabroad's Secret Place

Anthony Quinn beach

Located in a small bay between beaches Faliraki and Ladiko, 15km south of Rhodes town. Locals named the beach Anthony Quinn after the filming of the movie “The Guns of Navarone” (1961) in order to honor the famous actor.

Surrounded by rocks and with clear waters, Anthony Quinn beach has a small jetty capable of mooring small boats. Due to its underwater morphology, the beach is ideal for those loving scuba diving.