This section contains some of the Frequently Asked Questions from our clients and our company’s answers. It is carefully designed to provide useful information but cannot be regarded as a guide to any medical case. Please know that the questions cited below are the most common and you can contact us for any other questions you may have. You are strongly recommended to consult Vitabroad’s doctors for specific information regarding your medical case prior to any decision for your medical travel.



VitAbroad offers the combination of exclusive medical and tourism services. Apart from the significant part of hospitals and doctors, VitAbroad can assist you with tour, translation, transportation, visa, spa, wellness, culinary and other related services. Feel free to ask your health tourism specialist whatever comes to your mind.

VitAbroad’s offices are located in Athens. Our network of hospitals and clinics are based in Athens, Thessaloniki, Corfu, Rhodes, Crete and other Greek areas or islands where the healthcare infrastructure promises safety and quality.

VitAbroad is a private company registered in Greece (Registration Number: 297740), offering qualitative private medical treatments through specialist doctors at advanced hospitals and clinics in Greece.

VitAbroad offers advantageous prices to its prospective patients as we continuously negotiate them with Greek private healthcare providers. Additionally, our experience allows us to plan the best possible medical part and offer you a memorable tourism experience. A health tourism specialist will assist you in each step of the procedure.

VitAbroad has ensured the quality of services through the established partnerships with European and American board certified physicians as well as qualified Greek hospitals. Along goes a network of affiliated hotels and travel agencies that can provide standard or luxurious accommodation services.

VitAbroad has established contracts with Greek healthcare providers and surgeons that are subject to the Greek Law. In addition, we make sure that each healthcare provider and surgeon is certified with the required safety and quality standards, in order to ensure the highest quality and safety for your treatment.


Whatever time your flight arrives in Greece, a charter taxi driver will be waiting for you at the airport in order to drive you straight at your hotel. In addition, when you fly back home, the same taxi driver will safely get you to the airport.

Every prospective patient can have a free video consultation with his/her doctor. Once you contact us, your personal health tourism specialist will organize everything for you.

Absolutely! You can request the CVs of our surgeons at any time. In the meanwhile, you can read their brief profiles in the “Our network” section of our website. Upon request their diplomas and certificates will be available to you.

VitAbroad understand the crucial need of patients traveling to a foreign country to communicate sufficiently in a common language. Thus, all of our medical staff and doctors speak English fluently. Moreover, many of the latter speak Arabic, Russian, Italian and other languages.

We will build together the treatment plan and you will be aware of the details of each step of the procedure.

You can travel with a person you feel comfortable with (relative, friend, close person), at no extra cost. In any case, your health tourism specialist will be near you and assist you in anything you may need. If requested, there is also the possibility for a private nurse with additional cost.

For VitAbroad each client is a unique case. The standard package includes hospitalization, doctors’ fees, anesthesia, pre-operation exams, operation and accommodation. In addition, the package may include other tourism facilities such as a tour within Greece, spa, wellness and other services.

After booking the suggested treatment plan you have to confirm the medical trip with a 30% deposit via credit card/debit card or Viva. When you arrive in Greece you will be asked to pay the rest of the amount.

Since you have booked the treatment, no external factors will affect the schedule. If a flight cancels or any other external factor occurs, your treatment will be postponed to the immediate following date.

Our healthcare providers are professionals and our surgeons have a multiannual experience on their fields. Their success rates as well as their CVs will be available to you during the arranged consultation.

VitAbroad has set specific evaluation criteria for all of its partners. Before proceeding to an agreement, we ensure that the hospitals, clinics as well as the doctors are legally operating under the Greek Ministry of Health and hold all necessary quality accreditations.

Our affiliated hospitals have all the necessary medical facilities available, ensuring that there will be no complications or post operative infections. All surgeries are performed at hospitals equipped with cutting edge technology and top quality surgeons.

After the surgery, your doctor will provide you with a detailed medical record in English with information about the operation that was performed. Additionally, you can contact your doctor at any time, directly.

Medical Tourism in Greece

Simply put, Medical Tourism is the practice of traveling abroad in order to receive high-quality and low-cost medical care. Medical Tourism started to acquire dimension when patients were seeking for a more financially acceptable medical care with equal to or greater care than their country and in order to avoid long waiting lists. Medical Tourism is the new growing market trend in the beginning of the 21st century, which is continually gaining popularity. Although the idea of Medical Tourism is considered something old as the first recorded case of medical tourism dates back thousands of years, none the less, nowadays has become a more urgent need. In the past, those that traveled internationally for healthcare were typically interested in treatments that were either unavailable in their home country or were not covered by health insurance. However, due to increased healthcare expenses, along with long waiting lists, many people are now traveling abroad for all kind of treatments.

Α medical tourism facilitator is an independent company that offers access to a wide range of packages for all kinds of treatments, carefully designed for international patients seeking medical, dental, surgical and wellness procedures at the best possible combination of cost and quality.

It is a fact that a medical operation, regardless to where is performed, carries some risk. VitAbroad, in order to keep that risk low, is responsible for checking the certifications and accreditations of each affiliate healthcare provider and surgeon, keeping a track record of quality services and medical staff and also providing the best quality services to each and every prospective patient.

Your travel plan will be customized depending on the surgical procedure you select. Your doctor will inform you about the recovery time before any activity, including traveling.

VitAbroad provides additional information, regarding the routes and all tour related facilities. Don’t forget that your health tourism specialist will always help you, especially during your stay in Greece.