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Greece is the ideal destination for dialysed patients as it combines both high quality infrastructure and an idyllic atmosphere to revitalize.

Hemodialysis is the artificial process of keeping a safe level of certain chemicals (potassium, sodium, bicarbonate) in the blood, removing waste and unwanted water and helping control blood pressure. In simple words, dialysis is the artificial replacement for lost kidney function.

There are kinds of acute kidney failure which get better after the treatment or after a short time of treatment until the kidney gets better, whereas in chronic kidney failure, the patient needs dialysis in programmed time. There are two different types of dialysis treatment:

  • Hemodialysis, where the blood is cleaned outside the body by using a special designed machine
  • Peritoneal dialysis, where the blood is cleaned inside the body

Hemodialysis is the most common method used to treat the kidney failure. Although hemodialysis is a more effective and simplified process compared to earlier years – due to the usage of simpler and more compact dialysis machines – the most significant effort is made from the patient, his/her health care team and the family.

Dialysis treatment in Greece

At VitAbroad, we respect the sensitivity of this medical condition and we have especially selected nephrological centers and clinics throughout Greece equipped with high standard machines as well as qualified and friendly personnel in order to make the experience enjoyable and free from concerns.

  • Recent high technology materials and equipment
  • Nephrologist physician available 24 hours a day during your stay
  • Effective facilities
  • Experienced and friendly staff
  • In case of urgent problems, VitAbroad has established collaboration with local hospitals

Dialysed patients can travel to Greece with safety, enjoy their vacation and explore the secrets of Greece accompanied by their family and friends. The treatment routine will be programmed in advance with our health tourism specialist.

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Do you own an EHIC card? Most of our affiliated dialysis centers accept EHIC card.

Do you have a private insurance? Enjoy your vacation in Greece and don’t pay anything for your treatments.


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