Specialist psychological support and cognitive behavioral therapy

Specialist psychological support and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for Vitabroad Patients by Dr Yanni Malliaris Mental Heath Practice

The ancient Greeks were the first to recognize the connection between physical and mental health. Research has long established that patients who receive psychological input during their medical treatment have much better outcomes than patients who are simply left on their own. 

Dr Yanni Malliaris & his mental health practice provide highly specialist psychological support for any medical intervention you may undertake during your visit in Greece. In addition, the practice also provides brief CBT stress and anxiety management and smoking cessation courses (lasting from 3 to 10 days) that you may combine with a pleasurable stay in Athens. 

What is the specialist psychological support service?

The specialist psychological support service is a supportive intervention for patients who may need emotional support during an invasive medical intervention or for people who need to enhance their emotional well-being while they visit Greece.

What does it offer?

  • Emotional support with the difficulties faced by undertaking a medical intervention (surgery, drug treatments, etc.)
  • Help and support in managing your stress and learning more about your medical condition.
  • Activity and recreational support to ensure that you do not become isolated during your medical treatment

Our specialist psychological support service enables patients to have a professional “confidant” during their medical visit to Greece, and to feel emotionally secure that there is someone there with them through out their entire stay.

What can it not do?

The specialist psychological support service cannot solve practical problems related to any medical interventions you may undertake, and it cannot replace the psychopharmacological therapeutic services of a psychiatrist. If there is a need for management of psychiatric medications, we can provide access to one of our associate psychiatrists.

How does it work?

It is always best to have an initial consultation with Dr. Yanni Malliaris prior to your visit in Greece. The initial consultation may take place over the internet (Skype/iChat) or on the phone. This will help us to gain a better understanding of your medical and psychological needs. This understanding will also help us tailor your psychological support program to your individual needs during your stay in Greece.


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