We made it simple. A seven step guide.

  1. Contact us via live chat, e-mail or phone.

  2. A health tourism specialist will ask you to send us any medical reports and examinations you have available in order our doctors to evaluate the medical condition. In parallel, your health tourism specialist will provide you information regarding the variety of options we offer (doctors, medical treatments, accommodation).

  3. Your health tourism specialist arranges a free consultation with the medical team. The consultation is performed either via phone or Skype and usually lasts half an hour. During this discussion, answers concerning anything related to your treatment and the procedure you are undergoing will be provided. Feel free to ask anything that concerns you. Our doctors speak fluent English.

  4. You will be given a quote including your treatment plan, accommodation, as well as any other related services you may choose.

  5. After accepting the offer, we will proceed to the proper reservations for you.

  6. At the day of your arrival, your health tourism specialist will welcome you to Greece. He or she will be your personal assistant throughout your stay in Greece.

  7. Following the procedure and before your return trip, you will make any required follow-up visits and receive a complete medical record. Your doctor and your health tourism specialist will be available after your arrival home for any assistance.