"We came together because we share a strong belief that we are capable of providing a safe and memorable medical tourism experience."


Katerina Exakoustidou


"always laugh, it’s cheaper than medicine"

Katerina Exakoustidou has studied Communication and Mass Media, with emphasis in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations at the Panteion University in Athens, Greece and has recently acquired an MBA degree. She has an extensive and multiannual experience in the healthcare field, as she started her working career in a large private hospital of Athens by providing host, procedural and follow-up services to patients on a daily basis. Following this, she continued to acquire valuable experience in the healthcare industry working as an international patient coordinator by providing full treatment and vacation plans to international patients. The daily contact with the patients – national and foreign – developed the need to offer more simplified processes and to support them in the best possible way. Her priority as the co-founder of this company is to assist people looking for quality of life.



Akis Pantazis


"not all those who wander are lost"

Akis Pantazis is an Economist with a BSc in Economic Science from the Department of Economics of the University of Ioannina, in Greece and is currently undertaking a Master’s Degree in Public Policy & Management at the Centre of Financial Management Studies/SOAS University of London. He has many years of experience in the consulting field as he has participated in various projects and programs, co-financed by the European Union’s 3rd Community Support Framework and its National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013. He has also taken part in organizing, managing and evaluating a series of projects for large greek companies and hospitals. Akis experienced medical tourism early in his life as at the age of 20, he had to travel from Ioannina, his birthplace, to Athens a lot of times, in order to have therapies for an early diagnosed Hodgkin’s disease. Through this experience, he obtained a valuable insight about the needs and psychology of a medical tourist. His priority as the co-founder of this company is to offer the best of medical services for people in need.